Use these launch resources that explore friendship, bullying and cyberbullying.

The resources are themed for Friendship Friday (8th Nov), Anti-Bullying Week (11th - 15th Nov) and Odd Socks Day (12th Nov). However, all the resources can be adapted and used at any time of the year. 

You can access these resources below:

Primary and Secondary
Anti-Bullying Week Posters
Tootmood for Anti-Bullying Week  
Tootmood How-To Guide 

Primary - Friendship Friday Assembly
Primary - Friendship Friday Assembly Script
Primary - Anti-Bullying Week Assembly
Primary - Anti-Bullying Week Assembly Script
Primary - Odd Socks Day Assembly
Primary - Odd Socks Day Assembly Script
Primary - Key to Being a Good Friend Lesson Plan

Secondary - Friendship Friday Assembly
Secondary - Friendship Friday Assembly Script
Secondary - Anti-Bullying Week Assembly
Secondary - Anti-Bullying Week Assembly Script
Secondary - TEDx Talks Delete Bullying Lesson Plan

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