We have a set of posters available for you to download as many times as you wish. You should have received a set of posters in the post also when you signed up for tootoot. If you haven't, get in touch with the customer support team on 01289 541 991 and request one. 

See below for the posters available to you to display around the school. It’s great to display these around the areas that your students pass often in order to remind them that the tootoot platform is always there for them when they need it. 

Click here to download.


Once you have introduced tootoot in an assembly or classroom, we recommend you show them the short video below which will reinforce your introduction. We've included a suitable video for primary schools and secondary schools. If possible, show this video full screen and with ample sound for best results.

If you prefer YouTube, we've included a link below for each video.

Primary school video 

Primary school Launch Video:

Secondary school video

Secondary School, College & University Launch Video:

What's next?...Have you created login cards for your students to support you with the launch? Click here to find out how to do this.

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