Based on feedback, the best way to kick off a tootoot launch is to organise an assembly with your students. We recommend you start off your assembly by setting the scene for the students and use the introduction to talk about the issues they face on a daily basis. It could be bullying, problems at home, exam stress to name just a few, and then go on to speak about how important it is to speak up about the issues in order to head them off at the pass and stop things escalating. 

Go on to speak about how tootoot is there to give them a voice. Tootoot is a safe and secure platform that students can use on any internet enabled device (smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets etc…) to report any of their worries or issues they have about themselves or a friend, directly to the mentors at the school. 

At this point, it might be a good idea to play the launch video to your students. Click here to access the videos.

Once you’ve introduced the system, the final thing to do is let your members know how and when they’ll get access to tootoot. 

What's next?...An easy way to launch is by sending out emails to your students with their login details. Click here to find out how.

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