Based on feedback from all our schools, the best way to embed tootoot as part of your safeguarding culture is to give it a strong introduction by way of an assembly launch across the school. If an assembly isn't possible, smaller class-sized launches are advised.

Either way, an impactful introduction to students, assuring them that there is now a way for them to report concerns confidently and confidentially directly to the school is the best way to launch.

Once you've introduced tootoot, we recommend playing one of our launch videos. There are two different videos: each tailored for either a primary of secondary school.

Primary School Launch Video

Secondary School Launch Video

With the concept of tootoot introduced and the short video played it's simply a case of distributing the logins to your students. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Automated Email - If your school has student accessible e-mail addresses uploaded as part of the student accounts, we can send out activation emails which will inform each student of their username and provide them with a link so they can reset their password to something unique and memorable.
  2. Manually - If your students don't have access to school email, you can still quickly and easily distribute their logins. The spreadsheet with your student logins - that you either uploaded to create your student accounts, or downloaded after connecting to your MIS - can be used to create login cards for your students via the admin control panel. Click here to learn more about this.

Other things you can consider to help promote tootoot within your school:

  • Free posters – when you launch for the first time, our customer support team will send you a free pack of posters to give tootoot more visibility in your school. You can also download and print more posters at any time using this link: Poster pack download.
  • Termly Relaunches – Remind students about tootoot and how it can help them at the beginning of each term by playing the video again during an assembly.
  • Launching a peer mentoring system – Appoint a group of students to be peer mentors in the school. Allow them to have limited mentor privileges and handle some select cases and/or ensure they work on keeping tootoot visible and prominent in the school so all students know it’s there for them.

For more ideas and suggestions on embedding tootoot as part of your safeguarding culture, just call the customer support team on 01289 541991.

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