Welcome back! We missed you! We hope you had an amazing Summer break and are feeling refreshed and energised for the new academic year. 

You will have a lot on your plate as the year gets into full swing so please allow us to give you one less thing to worry about and provide this easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to ensure your tootoot is re-setup correctly. Re-setup can only be done by a member of staff with an admin account.


…Before we go through the manual steps to get your account re-setup for the year, are you aware that we can synch your tootoot account to your school’s MIS system in order keep your tootoot logins updated year-on-year? It removes the need to carry out the steps below on a yearly basis as your student accounts will be created/deactivated automatically. If you want to learn more about this, please call our support team on 01289 541991. If you have already considered this option but you’d rather not or can’t do it this way, please read on for the simple steps in re-setting up manually.

To ensure your account is re-setup and ready to go you need to log in to your admin account, then:

1.Deactivate your school leavers

Simply click the ‘expand enhanced search’ tab beneath the search boxes and use the Tag box to search for your leaving year group from last year. They should appear in a list. Tick the box at the top of the left hand column to select all students in this year group and then click the Deactivate button in ‘Bulk Operations’. This will deactivate the student accounts who have now left the school.

2.Update your current student year groups 

You can now update the remaining year groups. Starting with year down from the year group you’ve just deactivated. Use the tag box to search for that year and use the tick box at the top of the left hand column to select them all in the very same way as before. This time though, click the blue Change Tag button and move the year group up one. 

Repeat this procedure for your remaining year groups, moving down from the top until all that remains is to add your new student enrolment.

3.Upload your new student enrolment

Click the green + students button at the top. On the right hand side towards the bottom you will see a link to download a template spreadsheet. Download the template spreadsheet from there and populate the ‘Full Name’ and ‘Tag’ (year group) columns. Then send the spreadsheet over to our support team using the following secure upload link:


Our support team will create the logins (usernames and passwords) for you and send it back to you securely to upload. We like to arrange a call during this time so we can talk you through the upload process and answer any further questions you may have before you launch!

Alright. Now What!?

Now it’s time to (re)launch tootoot in your school so your students know that it’s there for them should they need it. 

Schools usually do this during an assembly and use the resources and advice on hand on the launch section of the support hub. You can read lots more about launching here, but by all means give our wonderful support team a call to find out more about setting up and launching tootoot in your school on 01289 541991.

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