Log in to your admin account where you can either upload individual mentors, or upload them in bulk.

To upload a single mentor;

  1. Click the users tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the green + add mentor(s) button.
  3. Fill in the details on the left hand side under the title create single mentor
  4. Once you have filled in the empty fields, click create mentor.
  5. Keep the login details (username and password) somewhere safe to give to your mentor so they can log in! They will be prompted to reset their password to something memorable when they first log in. 

To upload in bulk;

  1. Click the users tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the green + add mentor(s) button.
  3. Click the download template spreadsheet link on the right hand side of the page.
  4. An excel spreadsheet will download to your computer, open the file. 
  5. Fill in the information in the correct columns. If you don’t already have unique usernames and passwords for the staff in your school, you will need to create some. The customer support team at tootoot can help you with this if you are having any problems. Watch out! For tag you can simply put ‘staff’ or ‘mentor’.
  6. Once the file is complete and you have saved it to your computer, go back to the users page and click choose file or browse and find the file that you have just saved to your computer.
  7. Finally, click upload mentors. This will create all of the accounts for your staff. Keep the spreadsheet somewhere safe as this contains all of their usernames and passwords!

Then all you need to do is hand out their login details!

Note: If you upload email addresses for your mentors, the support team can send out notification emails when you are ready to introduce tootoot to them. The email will give them their username and provide them with a link to set their own password.

What’s next?...Call the support team on 01289 541 991 or email them at support@tootoot.co.uk to set a date for your launch and they can send out the staff notification emails.

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