There are two different ways to add your students to the account and the easiest way is connecting tootoot to your MIS system, via our third party Wonde;

MIS connection

Wonde is an external company that connect tootoot to your school’s MIS system (SIMs, ScholarPack etc). This means that your tootoot account will be continuously updated all year with new students and will automatically create usernames and passwords for them, saving you a lot of time. 


1. Let a member of the customer support team know that you want to connect to Wonde and who is best to do the installation (usually the person with an admin account for your MIS). Email: or call 01289 541 991

2. Choose your student usernames from the list below: 

3. You will then receive an email from Wonde for a decision maker at your school to approve access to the data. 

4. Wonde will be in touch with the MIS administrator of your school to complete the installation.

5. Your student data will pull through overnight and then when you log in to your admin account, you will see the below button.

6. Click export student passwords and then export student usernames and a spreadsheet will download to your computer. Save the file and keep it safe.

What’s next?
...Help your students to remember their login details by generating login cards for them.

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