Before you launch to your staff, make sure that your account is setup in the correct way for your school. Click here to learn about permission levels.

Follow these steps to launch tootoot to your staff;

1. Learn about tootoot

Watch the 10-minute staff training video below that will help your staff understand how tootoot works.

2. Access our free virtual training

Sign-up to our free tootoot training where a member of the customer support team will go through each of our features in detail. 

To access the training just click on the link below and pick a time that is convenient for you! We’ll then get in touch if we need more details.

3. Launch your staff accounts

Ask our customer support team to send activation emails to your staff members – these can be scheduled for a day that suits you best. The email includes their usernames and a link to reset their password. You can get in touch with the customer support team on 01289 541 991 or by emailing

Alternatively, you can manually hand out the staff login details which a member of the customer support team will have shared with you.

What’s next... Once your staff are all up to speed you’ll be ready to launch to your students. Click here for more information.

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